Although Western-style clothing is worn regularly in Peru urban areas, rural "campesinos" often wear traditional

clothing related to their ethnic background. Traditional garments of both men and women were being decorated

with different colored pom-poms as a sign of their marital status. Since they became increasingly popular, you can

now find many types of clothing using pompoms. So decided to explore the city with a touch of this trend

using our RUFFLE SKY TOPWhen using colorful pom-poms I suggest you choose a plain color bottom (denim,

white, black). The pom-poms will be the statement of your outfit, let them show off by themselves (plus you don't need

to add accessories). If you are not into layers of colors and textures, check our POM POM BLOUSE; it is a

white button blouse with ruffle layers and a pom pom trim. Those white pom-poms will do most of the talking

in your outfit, and boy this blouse has something to say. 

Check our two Pom-Poms Tops  



March 21, 2017 by Cristina Rivera

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