Fashion has decided  she’s gonna wrap us all up in beautiful bows and I could not be any happier! Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved bows. Bows in my hair, bows on my clothes and bows in my decor. There is something so delicate and feminine when a bow is added to any outfit or look. Everyone can appreciate a nicely placed bow, right? Bows are on my list of weaknesses. I'm a truly girly girl at heart! So now I want to show you some pieces that are driving me crazy because you can wear a big bow as your statement garment. The feeling of wearing these big bows is like you are playing and having fun with your style. You can find them literally like anything from a top to a dress, and it gives a very cute but rather sexy vibe to an outfit.

As blouses they look amazing paired with jeans and high waisted skirts or trousers, and it is a great look for either worn alone or layered with a vest or a sweater. 

Is there anything more beautiful than a simple white dress? Cameo does it again (is there a dress they make that I DON'T love?) with this number. The bow was icing on the cake. Of course there is also the playsuit version. For the younger readers out there, this dress would be so cute for graduation! Also the playsuit is perfect for anyone still needing a white outfit for summer.  Really these two are amazing for any occasion!


June 12, 2017 by Cristina Rivera

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