TGIF Fourmi Girls! Have a little fun swirling and twirling in a black fringe skirt, such as this one. It is a good alternative to the typical “little black dress” for date night or a dressy function. You can wear all black, and pair the skirt with a fun pair of animal print pumps or some other bright color; or, you can wear a white top for instance, and pair it with a pair of black pumps as I styled it here. Finish off the look with gold jewelry statement pieces. 


No matter what, stretch yourself a little this season and take a few risk. Dressing up can be fun and adventurous, it does not have to be mundane. Fashion is about enjoying yourself and making the most of special moments in life! Women are meant to feel and look fabulous! Plus, the better you look and feel, the more confident you will be.


July 07, 2017 by Cristina Rivera

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