Wearing black never goes out of style. It’s the easiest, chicest and most fool-proof way to get dressed. Black is

number one in my book for a number of reasons; I can combine black with anything (literally), I can practically

wear any accessory to match my outfit. Black makes me look confident, elegant and go-getting. It pretty much

looks like I have it all  figured out.

Today I’d like to focus on the sophisticated end of wearing black. Something along the lines of a little black

statement piece. Yes! The little black dress is a cliché, so I am showing you an attention grabber, head turning,

striking way of wearing black. When looking for a black statement piece, look for layers, textures and patterns

that will set it aside from the rest. Black will always make you look slim, but remember to choose a cut that is

right for your body type.

When wearing a black dress with texture and layers (like the one shown below), you can let the dress do all the

talking. Wear minimum jewelry, a matching clutch and keep the shoes simple.


  Elliatt Convert Dress  Elliatt Convert Dress

  Elliatt - Convert Dress - Little black dress - Layered dress

 If you like to venture out of the box, try a romper. Rompers are the go-to trend of the season. Choose a romper that

has volume and dimension, it will make you look chic and playful. Do not keep it simple when wearing all black for a

night out, pair it with statement shoes, colorful lipsticks, shiny accesories and a messy up-do for an 

unforgettable night.

Lost Lover Playsuit - Keepsake - Black romper - Ruffle playsuit   Lost Lover Playsuit - Keepsake - Black romper - Ruffle playsuit

Lost Lover Playsuit - Keepsake - Black romper - Ruffle playsuit

Convert Dress
Lost Lover Playsuit

March 28, 2017 by Fourmi Contemporary Clothing

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