Nothing is ever certain, everlasting or unbiased, much less in fashion. Never the less it's undeniable that Fringes are the trend this spring/summer and in next cold seasons as well. This fringe looks give me this urge to cut all my hems and trims and turn them into fringes. What I love most about them is that they follow all seasons, so you can go and stack up on tasseled clothes. What is even greater is the many ways you can wear this look. Check out my picks for some ideas where you can get versatile and stylish to for nearly any occasion; wedding, fancy dinner, holiday parties, picnic dates, or even the office.


Black dancing fringes adorn our bodies on dresses, skirts, or tops. They are glamorous, sultry, and quite sexy on every silhouette. 

The print, abstract top, and sequins on these garments are offset by a black fringe accent that makes them complete and draws the eyes to the ankles. 

Fringes in all textures and colors have this versatile power of standing as a statement in any outfit. Fringed finished clothes infuse a sophisticate twist to its sweet simplicity. 

So why we should love fringes? Because, above all, they are fun! There is nothing more uplifting than the feel of fringe lifting in the air.

Actually the world of tassels only starts here... Although if you are not quite into this trend, you may want to consider giving it a shot with accessories: a tiny fringed bag, or a piece of fringed jewelry, and who knows? It can be the start of a tassel romance. Click here to  fringe around in our contemporary clothes. 

May 21, 2017 by Cristina Rivera

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