As a day wedding guest, finding the perfect ceremony look can be daunting, especially when your calendar is booked with multiple upcoming nuptials. I’ve put together a few dress inspirations to keep you celebrating your BFF wedding in style. 

A cocktail-length dress in a classic shade, like blue, black or grey, is always a safe bet when it comes to formal events. Keep the fit sleek and clean and avoid anything too bulky or distracting. Remember, it’s the bride’s job to stand out and your job to bust a move on the dance floor.

This is one of my personal favorite dress for a wedding. On these type of events it’s a great opportunity to play with bolder shades and fun accessories, especially for a daytime fete.

Keep it light, whimsical and romantic. Have fun and choose a vibrant shade that complements the beautiful garden ceremony.

Despite what your mom may have told you, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear white dresses BUT with colorful shades or prints on it to a wedding! In fact, many brides request to wear white for like beach weddings. 

Either if you are the maid of honor or the best friend's bride, think red carpet! Stay away from a simple sundress with your everyday hair and makeup. Even it is a day event, you should stand out from the other guests. Remember this is your chance to wear a statement dress with your fanciest jewelry! Glam it up with rich dark hues like ruby, emerald, navy, and black and trust me, they'll all know you are the bestie. 


June 01, 2017 by Cristina Rivera

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