Fashion trends often seem geared more toward teens and those in their early 20s than any other age. For every

cropped T-shirt that no one over the age of 16 would dare to wear, there are countless styles suitable for anyone

who takes the time to seek them out. Take a look at the picks I made for you to look hot and that flatter every age.

I can guarantee you can always look chic no matter your fashion preferences. I often see women with the terror of

looking either old or too young, here are some examples on how to wear some garments to look chic and age

appropriate. Wouldn’t you rather look great (period), than great for your age?! To be chic no matter what and make

yourself gorgeous — without risking your closet to go out of style –. HERE IS A GUIDE so that you may dress to

impress in all the right ways. If you are afraid you look too young, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered too!

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May 07, 2017 by Cristina Rivera

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