Its the smallest details that make the biggest impact, its plaid and simple.
Yes, plaid may take you back to you private school days, but this print is making a serious come back. The ease of the print makes it one of our favorite looks for fall. Its not about keeping it casual anymore in a long-sleeved plaid button down but we are showing you how to strut the runway in this sophisticated pattern. From crop tops, to form-fitting dresses we are not the only ones who cant get enough of this trend. Just see the transformation when you take this pattern and turn it into an abstract, minimalistic and sophisticated look. In other words, start to think of plaid as a way to venture outside the box.

Monochromatic in grey is pretty much the chicest thing you can do this fall so take notes. 


Highlands Dress 

Lowlands Pants          Tassellate Top  

Highlands Crop Top              Louder Than Bells Jacket

 Highlands Crop Top                 Lowlands Pants

Lowlands Pant             Colorful Ruffles

November 09, 2015 by Fourmi Contemporary Clothing

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