Florals are undeniably one of the top trends for every season. Depending on your personality you can find them in vibrant colors or pastel block. You can mix them with neutral and metallic accessories. An advantage of wearing florals is that women of every shape can look fabulous as these diversely gorgeous ladies prove.



We’re in a garden state of mind with lush, colorful looks for fashion parties. Florals come out for weddings, races, night outs, and for your daily outfits. They also are the sign that a season has changed. They represent spring time and summer looks but blooms continue to flourish for fall. This season they are taking a darker mood, blooming from monochrome backgrounds with delightful greens, deep pinks, pales, etc.



In our store you can find an endless variety of floral options. So mix it up, don’t go with the traditional look but mix and match prints to create an outfit with an attitude.




August 24, 2015 by Fourmi Contemporary Clothing
Tags: Florals

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