Fashion Staple: Black Romper

Romper and jumpsuits are a fashion staple in any closet, especially in mine.  No need to worry about the wind

blowing my skirt up, or think about putting an outfit together–rompers are the ultimate one-piece solution. It’s

the throw on piece that can be dressed up or down and is versatile enough for any occasion.  I am currently

obsessed with edgy contemporary pieces. I look for rompers and jumpsuits with asymmetrical cuts, textured

fabric, structured bodies and off shoulder details. 
I have chosen my current favorite (and black) rompers and jumpsuits that can be worn at different events for

diverse body types.

To start off casually I chose LAST DANCE PLAYSUIT. This is a fitted romper with an overlay with structured lace.

Perfect for a day shopping or brunch date. I paired this with statement sneakers and a denim jacket to give the

black more of a day look. The best part is you can just put on your favorite heels and forget the jacket and you

are ready for a night out. If you don’t mind showing a little leg, this romper is a great fit for anyone. 

Last Dance Playsuit Last dance playsuit

Next up is a romper to be worn for a nice dinner. CUBISM PLAYSUIT is a high neck, one sleeve romper that

captures your curves. This romper paired with black heels and a clutch will be eye catching anywhere you go.

This is a romper I can wear when I want to look sexy but still feel comfortable. It shows just the right amount of

skin.  It’s simple, elegant and trendy all in one. 

Cubism Playsuit Cubism Playsuit

 Where can I start with this CHARGED UP JUMPSUIT. This strapless bustier style jumpsuit features a wide leg

and arm ties. Perfect for shorter girls with a wider hips, the wide leg instantly makes you look taller and slimmer.

I paired this jumpsuit with a statement necklace, an elegant clutch and a classy up-do, this look is definitely

wedding worthy.

 Charged Up Jumpsuit Charged Up Jumpsuit

 Last but not least, NEED NOBODY PLAYSUIT is the perfect outfit for going out on a Saturday night. The

strapless structured bustier accentuates my waist and the off shoulder sleeves takes this romper to another

level. This romper is for girls not afraid to show a little skin while still looking incredibly trendy. Pair this romper

with matching shoes and clutch.

Need nobody playsuit Need nobody playsuit


Last Dance Playsuit

Cubism Playsuit

Charged Up Jumpsuit

Need Nobody Playsuit

April 18, 2017 by Fourmi Contemporary Clothing

The Everything Top

Peru is truly a fascinating country where you can experience its colorful vegetation. Looking at those lively colors

it inspired me to add them to my outfit. This time we’re doing baby blues and denim and what a combo it turned 

out to be. I chose our FEELING A LITTLE BLUE TOP and paired it with jeans and a scarf matching my statement

tennis just to give the look a little edge but also to be comfortable enough for long walks. Baby blue is one of this

year's color trend...  This truly unique top is fun and really easy to wear. As you can see you can match it with 

vivid colors as I did, with white and nudes to a more sweet look, or for more elegant with black. It also has a

distinctive knit which follows the trend. You can’t help but notice that remarkable back…the triangle cut makes

your waist smaller plus it looks fantastic. I think this top has a lot of beautiful details that makes it perfect. The

knit, the back, the color, the everything, I love it! 


Click here to see this top FEELING A LITTLE BLUE TOP

April 08, 2017 by Cristina Rivera

Lets talk POLKA DOTS

Polka dots are one of the trends that comes and goes, but never really goes out of style. They have been

dominating the fashion world since the 1950’s. This retro-inspired print is versatile; I personally style my

polka dots anywhere from workwear to weekend. This print is fun, youthful and whimsical. Wearing polka

dots simply makes me feel happy. 

Some people like to mix polka dots with solid colors to balance out the look. I rather stick to simple colors

like white and navy but do polka dots all over, and simply OWN IT.

Think of your dots as an accessory, because they are. Their detailed, eye-grabbing placement works like a

statement necklace, If you want to wear jewelry, pick simple studs or pearls. As for the shoes, stick to the

solids and stay in the color range of the outfit. 

Remember to style according to your body type. For girls who have a little 'junk in the trunk' opt for a polka

dot top and keep a solid bottom and vice versa... you get the idea.

Polka dots Move on up Jumpsuit Finders Keepers Polka dots Move on up jumpsuit Finders Keepers

Move on up jumpsuit Finders Keepers Polka Dots

Finders Keepers Move on up playsuit Polka dots Finders Keepers Move on up playsuit Polka dots

Finders Keepers Move on up playsuit Polka dots

 Move On Up Playsuit  

Move On Up Jumpsuit

April 06, 2017 by Fourmi Contemporary Clothing

Statement Black

Wearing black never goes out of style. It’s the easiest, chicest and most fool-proof way to get dressed. Black is

number one in my book for a number of reasons; I can combine black with anything (literally), I can practically

wear any accessory to match my outfit. Black makes me look confident, elegant and go-getting. It pretty much

looks like I have it all  figured out.

Today I’d like to focus on the sophisticated end of wearing black. Something along the lines of a little black

statement piece. Yes! The little black dress is a cliché, so I am showing you an attention grabber, head turning,

striking way of wearing black. When looking for a black statement piece, look for layers, textures and patterns

that will set it aside from the rest. Black will always make you look slim, but remember to choose a cut that is

right for your body type.

When wearing a black dress with texture and layers (like the one shown below), you can let the dress do all the

talking. Wear minimum jewelry, a matching clutch and keep the shoes simple.


  Elliatt Convert Dress  Elliatt Convert Dress

  Elliatt - Convert Dress - Little black dress - Layered dress

 If you like to venture out of the box, try a romper. Rompers are the go-to trend of the season. Choose a romper that

has volume and dimension, it will make you look chic and playful. Do not keep it simple when wearing all black for a

night out, pair it with statement shoes, colorful lipsticks, shiny accesories and a messy up-do for an 

unforgettable night.

Lost Lover Playsuit - Keepsake - Black romper - Ruffle playsuit   Lost Lover Playsuit - Keepsake - Black romper - Ruffle playsuit

Lost Lover Playsuit - Keepsake - Black romper - Ruffle playsuit

March 28, 2017 by Fourmi Contemporary Clothing

Floral Pants Mood

No matter what the trends are nowadays, florals are always a good choice for warm season wear. You should

definitely try them this year, as they are really in trend right now. I remember there was a time when printed

bottoms where really hard to find, but nowadays, it is really easy to find them in absolutely any color and print.

If you still don't own a pair of these trendy pants in your wardrobe, then it's the right time to buy ones. Let me

share a short experience from my trip to Peru; I brought my baggy floral pants because it felt like spring

already but, oh surprise, it started to rain...Do you know what is amazing about floral pants? You can pair them

with any plain color top! I decided to use my grey sweater and Voila! I loved my outfit...

Check our FLORAL PANTS      

March 28, 2017 by Cristina Rivera

The Peruvian Look

The sight of Cusco from the airplane window as you're landing is incomparable. The large cluster of stucco-roofed

buildings surrounded on all sides by mountains is a beautiful sight. With that type of architecture and the locals

wearing traditional clothing, it inspires me to use terracotta colors for your outfit. Terracotta colors suchnas camel,

cream beige, slate green, white, charcoal, etc., are sure to bring some much needed warmth into your life. The

earthy shade of terracotta is breathing new life into your style while is comforting versatility and naturally

beautiful look. I felt the need to wear fresh fringes and textured fabric because it complements perfectly with the

city. I picked our TRUE FLORAL TOP which I paired with distressed jeans, espadrilles, and a beige light knit sweater.

Click here to see terracota colors garments 

Pom-Poms at Peru

Although Western-style clothing is worn regularly in Peru urban areas, rural "campesinos" often wear traditional

clothing related to their ethnic background. Traditional garments of both men and women were being decorated

with different colored pom-poms as a sign of their marital status. Since they became increasingly popular, you can

now find many types of clothing using pompoms. So decided to explore the city with a touch of this trend

using our RUFFLE SKY TOPWhen using colorful pom-poms I suggest you choose a plain color bottom (denim,

white, black). The pom-poms will be the statement of your outfit, let them show off by themselves (plus you don't need

to add accessories). If you are not into layers of colors and textures, check our POM POM BLOUSE; it is a

white button blouse with ruffle layers and a pom pom trim. Those white pom-poms will do most of the talking

in your outfit, and boy this blouse has something to say. 

Check our two Pom-Poms Tops  



Crop Top Bustier

With spring around the corner, I'm expecting crop tops to rise to the next level. Personally, I love this springy

trend. When done right, the crop top is chic, feminine and sophisticated all at the same time. 

Dream space bustier - Cmeo - Crop top - Bustier - Terracotta
 It takes a daring fashion sense to pull off a crop top, although  it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to bare it

all.  There are multiple ways to style a crop top so that you are  only showing a hint of skin while looking 

incredibly trendy. Style a crop top with high-waist pants for a more conservative look, and you can even add

a jacket or blazer for an adequate work attire.

Cmeo dream space bustier crop top  Cmeo dream space bustier crop top terracotta
Have it all blazer cmeo   Cmeo have it all blazer

I also like to balance a crop top with a matching  maxi skirt, or just throw on my favorite high-wait skinnies and call

it a day.

Cmeo dream space bustier  Cmeo dream space bustier


Check out many more crop tops here.

Know The Worth Of A Formal Dresses Store

Know The Worth Of A Formal Dresses Store

For the benefit of the layman, official events begets the wearing of a formal attire. Which is to say, formal dresses are usually clothes appropriate for special occasions; be it a business meeting, a charity ball, or even a wedding reception.

To make it clearer, a formal dress is more of a Western trait; and one can take a cue from how the Queen dresses for gatherings. However, individual Western countries consider certain apparel more formal than others. That is to say, dressing up in a particular way for a specific function largely depends on one’s geographical location.

Nonetheless, from ancient times to our contemporary world, the use of formal dresses has been made quite subjective, due to the current fashion trend and also on individuals’ fashion sense.

Now, considering the modern fashion trend, dressing up for an event shouldn’t be stressful. In our world today, “anything” can be worn “anywhere” as people often contort rules to suit their own style of fashion.

Although menswear has followed unquestionable primary rules, men always get lucky with fashion because they do not have too much variety of clothes. For instance, black-tie dressing does all that, which is why the conventional basic black dinner suit, white shirt and black tie combination has nearly gone unchanged in this century. But that is not to say that appearing in the traditional white shirt and a black tie with a single-breasted jacket will make a man look right wherever he goes. To free oneself from this controversy, male fashionistas always have a way of putting stuff together to get an ideal look.

Formal dresses store

For the feminine side, women usually have more choices of formal dressing as compared to men; and that too is a problem. Once you overdress, you look too busy and that gets everyone staring; which you would want to avoid. On the other hand, dressing up lower than the occasion also usually inflicts some form of intimidation on the individual; hence lack of confidence throughout the event.

To help solve this problem, one needs to employ the services of a good formal dresses store; and this can’t get any easier without Fourmi Contemporary Clothing. At Fourmi, there’s a collection of clothing for any speculated event.

For the working class lady, boost your self esteem as you rock one of our sophisticated formal attires for that business appointment; which can be simply transformed with accessories for a corporate dinner or any evening occasion.

The middle aged women can’t be left out; as Fourmi offers venerable clothing to enable them keep up with that mature look.

Also, we have innumerable clothing for the collegiate woman; we have all of the clothing styles to suit any college event: prom, graduation, cocktail events, and the like.

Inasmuch as corporate women love to shop for formal clothes, they might have a particular place to buy from. However, there’s always the need for them to seek a new and better formal dresses store. That is why Fourmi is a place to treasure. We make life easy for our buyers; and it’s a one-stop shop for people looking to buy a dress for any function.

Take your closet to the next level; as a contemporary formal dresses store, have Fourmi Clothing fill your wardrobe with elegant apparel.

August 10, 2016 by Fourmi Contemporary Clothing
Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

There are many who believe that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up

or down depending on the occasion. We believe this to be very true, although with endless possibilities of little

black dresses on the market, it is essential to add a twist of personality.

A little black dress should be a staple in every women's wardrobe, it should be a piece that speaks for itself;

something that says simple and effortless, yet we fashion addicts want a statement piece all in one. 

This is why we are venturing out of the box with a more modern version of little black dresses and playing with

lengths, shapes, necklines and prints to create a unique and eye catching look.    



February 10, 2016 by Fourmi Contemporary Clothing